What we need to do different this year. Part 1

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I have never been a person of new year goals and resolutions. I have always seen it as a non striking continuation but also as a new day like every new day. But this year demands a change, considering that 2018 word for many was trauma and fear. This year demands our commitment to a new word. So I am proposing a few here:

  1. Authentic

We are the generation that will continue to blend with artificial intelligence. The trends are clear on virtual forums overtaking physical and absolute experiences. There is so much of time spent living out of these make-believe platforms, that there is a general memory loss on the beauty of a genuine face to face conversation without any recording or broadcasting ongoing. Because of this decline of authentic connections and interactions, we have continued to face severe loneliness, depression, anxieties and other mental health challenges. If we can remember to take breaks from online world and pick up any opportunity of an authentic human experience, we can find real company and new better ways to communicate with each other rather than bickering on online feeds and walls. Let’s be very authentic, very human, this year. Let’s dive into many magical real sessions with nature, each other and our co habitants.

2. Selective

With the plethora of choices and information we have access to via the www, we have become restless and helpless. There are so many options, it is difficult to decide one that is holistic with what we are seeking. This is because we are not using these technological marvels as tools for us intelligently. We have not valued our time and we have not disciplined our concentration as users and consumers. We are constantly on one forum to another, thinking there might be something better out there; instead in the process losing our decisive powers and wasting time on a meaningless search. We have to become smart with strategizing our days, tracking closely where our time was spent and what was the output, using the lessons learnt for the next day, shortlisting, prioritizing, structuring, and becoming extremely selective! Every minute spent on internet needs to serve us with something that is assisting with our growth and development, not making us mindless zombies . With a mindful approach on selectivity, we have a chance to be more productive, content and happy in life.

3. Non polarization

We have never felt more divided. We have never found a bigger need than now to speak out our opinions from our respective poles and ends of spectrums. And while it is important to share our respective perspectives, it doesn’t require to be accompanied with extreme aggression and blind attachment to our ‘sides’. We have become so polarized, that the only option left on table, is further polarization which can never be a solution to any problem. It would be nice to give up obsessions with respective sides and come to the table a bit more open minded than the last time, to try to listen to each other, to try to reduce polarization a bit, even if a tiny little bit. We can try and see how that goes for us.

To be continued..

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