We are not going to solve anything like this. We start with our own definitions and labels of things and then work hard to prove those with our biases intact. This is not an open minded investigation.

If we truly want to explore whiteness/brownness/blackness let us first start with discussing open table what these mean to the folks today whether as concepts, cultures, identities, traditions, labels, history, races, narratives or whatever that is. Then we can ask the question what they want to give up and what not. For a little girl her mother’s chili recipe could be her defintion of her whiteness. Are you really asking her to give that up? You have made this a single dimension story starting with one definition of whiteness and then raised burdened data to support it.

Under such a conditioned query as the subject one, we are not going to get to authentic answers let alone any problem solving. I am dejected with how we are handling the toughest and most needed discussions of our times. I am also disappointed in a rise of such articles and narrative at Medium which are claiming to be flag bearers of equality and yet doing everything they can to further increase division and hate by being agenda driven to bash people mindlessly. If it matters, I am a brown immigrant, a woman, not a Trump voter. I condemn this article.