This is a very close to heart point that you make.

There is an ongoing debate/argument in India today about adopting one link language for all citizens. This also means this language is to be adopted by all other states who already have their set of languages to play with. My point was if some one willingly takes up the new language, that’s great, but you can’t push it. Many unfortunate discussions follow.

But my point is in line of what you say here . Language is fluid and beyond the words and the sounds. We cannot tie it up to an emotion or an ideology. There was a reason why I mentioned the French part in my story here. I know I left India with learning Pahadi but when I got back in L.A , I found my soul in French . So it is not taking or giving up something; language is whatever you are flowing in at that point and time. Which is why I am also a firm believer of that humans can communicate very well without sounds and words of a common language . India that was once a great example of this philosophy is struggling today because of some underlying corrupt visions originating in politics .

We can find our flowing languages to connect with each other without the common written or spoken word.

Thank you for giving this place here!

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