the old white man

questioning the Medium

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Roses in a Blue and White Vase, Black Background Samuel Peploe 1904

searching for his aliveness
he dives in my kohl lined brown eyes
and hopes to find an answer
to his isolation
to his reassurance
back to the time
when he could call me
his hon

the world continues to move
with its dissection
of white and color
of its convenient ways
to hold on to a side of the rainbow
and run with it
until there is loss of breath
until there is nothing to stand for

i wonder about the old white man
they keep raging about;
the one with claws to rob my earth
the one i am sure who lived somewhere
in my non privileged parts
but the one I have not yet met.

the one i have met is the one who
signs me as his new best friend
when the entire world is a stranger.

do not try to paint my humanity in your boxes

i am the one who will gift you your freedom in its fluidity

in its non definitions of an existence that thrives in soft moments in a stone walled bar of the first immigrant town with misogynistic paintings on its walls but one with a future that knows the exchange between colorless seas

I am lost with Medium just as many other platforms. People talk about life and humanity as if it is a solid shape of labels and categories when life moves liquid with its unexpected curves and complexities. Every individual is its own ocean. We really think we can constraint him, her or them with our narrow-minded definitions such as skin color, gender and place of birth?

There is so much of blind polarization that I can absolutely not understand or relate with. Somehow fight for equality at Medium has been equated with bashing white people all the time (as ridiculous as that sounds) and expression of men downgraded just and only to ‘mansplaining’. I am shocked by many articles at Medium which are blatantly racist and sexist but they are targeted against white people or men so we have all comfortably let that pass!

I am amazed by the sheer generalized underlying hate by the ones who claim higher moral grounds. I can see more and more why liberals and left wing has failed across most of the nations. By such blatantly hateful, disrespectful and non sensical attacks we isolate groups more and more, creating bigger and bigger rifts of separation when humanity needs to find collectiveness to sort this mess out.

If you claim yourself to be a feminist and an activist for equality, first understand what equality and diversity is; it certainly doesn’t mean bashing people mindlessly by clubbing them in one evil slot; it certainly doesn’t mean dehumanizing and devaluing humans whether black or white, man or woman. I am amazed by the hatred and divisiveness intentions of folks claiming to fight for equality by themselves being racists and sexists.

I condemn articles that target and attack any race, whether black, brown, white. Let’s try, for even just a very small second, to be Team Human. It might turn out to be revolutionary. Not sure how we got to this madness but let’s try to see the human in each other beyond our labeling mind.

I know and am friends with many wonderful and intelligent white men (if we are so hell bent on putting people in their skin color slots) who are doing many great tangible things to make world a better place unlike many contributors at Medium who are just engaged with trash talking to cater to a certain algorithm narrative without real action to end suffering of the world. So, no, it is never just black or white. Let us rise to make this world a better place for our next generations by severing our blind urge to divide. We can do fabulous things when united.

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