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Hey you

The decent man

Having his breakfast

With a smile

With your wife by your side

Drinking that orange juice

In our small American diner,

Hey you

Basic man

Of politeness

And integrity

You are the American man

We dreamt of

When moving from our fire lands

To a garden refuge

You are still the America

We believe in


I still believe in my dream called America. Keeping all the political dialogue aside, and the ongoing disappointments in the country, seeing this basic picture of a man enjoying his breakfast with his wife in a small diner, with that huge smile, just refreshed my memory of our basic common dream to do well and care for our families in a country that gives us many opportunities to do so. It also refreshed my memory of a good and decent American Man, President or not. This is The American Man we need today.

We are a complex entity and within that complexity also lies our salvation. Our differences can become our strength if we allow a new perspective to slip in.

Anyway I enjoyed these pictures of my favorite person earlier today in a Pittsburgh diner where he had dropped by to eat his breakfast before and after he became the President of United States of America.


Vaishali Paliwal

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