Thank you for your song, which is really our song, that will get us through.

It’s been hurting. a lot. Both the countries I love are struggling because they are losing their soul in many ways. What’s the worst I think to myself that could happen. I am afraid it has already happened.

India, once a secular country, now has its own convenient definitions of secularism and inclusiveness. America, once a land of the immigrants, built and raised by the immigrants, now struggles to keep her song. She is still open to immigrants but she no longer sings that song.

Perhaps the violence is that both these countries are fighting against their souls. How can you fight and resist something that is so inherently interwoven in your fabric? And when you do, you either become something else entirely, or you are a madwoman fighting your shadow never getting anywhere, just lost in circles of self misunderstanding and abuse.

But you and me are here, connecting, and writing these songs. We will not anything get in the way of that, dear one.

Thank you for your courage, your resilience and your words that are representative of bringing in needed changes and carrying us forward.

Love and light