Thank you for your comments. It baffles me that so called activists miss the basic point. Racism is racism and hate is hate. This fight is not selective. If we truly want equality and diversity then we should remember it includes each and every human being.

We cant fight for inlusivity by excluding and isolating people by generalising and making assumptions all the time( most Medium articles talking about diversity and equality start with an assumption about white people. ok so someone’s skin color is white so they are going to be xyz, really ? this is how we are going to do our debates and solve our problems?).

I am baffled by how this kind of agressive and blatantly open racist and sexist things have taken their comfortable space at Medium and people applaud and praise this kind of blind approach all the time. And if anyone says raises slightest question about this trend, they are concluded to be uneducated and racists. Almost humorous but are we really thinking we will win fight for diversity and equality by not including white people and men? so bloody stupid. I am tired of this non sense. This model as the one building up in Medium and many other platforms pushes us to take labels and stick to them, creating further and further divide, and humanity will never win like this. never.

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