Thank you for this. Thank you for your honest, authentic and powerful voice of reason. We have been so conditioned in our respective slots and categories , that we don’t even realize when we are starting to violate and disrespect place and existence of others.

We all think in our minds that we are for freedom and anti discrimination and so forth and yet are truly not liberated by the individual cultural and social narratives we have been fed over time.

This is an important message for our times. There is not one blanket solution to all struggles. We need to recognize the uniqueness of challenges and be truly supportive and sensitive of each other’s circumstances if we are really committed towards making world a better place. All these movements and revolutions are useless if not truly inclusive and if not appreciating and respecting differences. Sugar-coated, fake, and unintelligent fights for ‘justice’ and ‘liberation’ are doing more harm than anything else.

Wish you all the power, luck and courage for all your endeavors . Great article

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