Thank you for the educational lesson there. Author has started with an assumption that omission was intentional in Modern Love. IF that is the case, it is obviously not acceptable.

We need diversity in all platforms and spaces but beyond and a lot more than a simple checkbox ( if we had every single woman of color represented in the show, it would be nice yes, but logistically not possible and also when done in this way actually ends up coming across as forced/artificial as seen in many organizations and productions claiming diversity) and without condescending white women. Not every white woman has privilege and many white women suffer from mental health issues and abuse without care.

You ask why I am offended. I am not offended. I am worried. I am worried because we are running the most important fight of our time with generalisations based on skin colors and without a humane thread for ALL; exactly same mistakes as done in past. I certainly hope these articles on Medium starting all dialogues by targeted generalised white people bashing can get the diversity and inclusivity they are rightly asking for, but I doubt it. cheers Editor of