Thank you for a very honest feedback Pablo. Wouldn’t expect anything less from you. The article is full of juxtapositions and intentionally intended to throw light on and question both the supporters as well as the harsh critics of instagram poets.

The praise of insta poets here is honest with respect to their beautification of things, commitment to love themes and aggressive marketing of their products , and so is suspecting them on their commitment to art of poetry, and exploiting the system corrupted with attention currency for their capitalist gains.

The article shouldn’t be taken as criticism of insta poets. It is a simple interrogation urging both the die hard fans who blindly worship insta work as well as disgruntled critics who blindly look down on the insta artists, to look beyond their mundane perspectives and explore new avenues than the usual for their personal development and upliftment of the community .

The whole debate around insta poets and Rupi Kaur genre has gone very stale. We need to ask new intelligent questions, put the bitterness behind us ( that I personally still struggle with), and enter a new era of innovation( its on artists like us to lead that). Let us continue to interrogate and push art to higher levels of intellectuality .

Thanks again for your insightful comments .

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