So I have been noticing this and getting uncomfortable for a while now. I think this article and the approach it took made me think a lot and finally commit to that I am going to start calling out on this trend and behavior at medium. Exactly what you said: racism is racism.

I get amazed by folks who are taking needed strong stands against inequality, racism, sexism but are actually using the same tools of hate, dehumanization, divisiveness and anger that got us into trouble at the very first place. Fight for justice needs to continue but not by blind generalisations and categorization that further seperates and isolates people and creates bigger gaps to fill.

I am also baffled by how debates take place. If someone is trying to express a perspective, whether agreeable or not can be debated later, but they are just being shut down immediately and online bullied by terms like ‘mansplaing’ and ‘look at white man talk about feminism and racism’. To me such mindless bashing is pathetic. Like many, I personally know many wonderful and intelligent white men(if we are so hell bent on putting humans in slots); my mentors, teachers and friends, who are really working hard to make world a better place. By such mindless generalisations, we are disrespecting and even threatening their work. Why can't we see world past our labels, it destroys me..

We can try to listen to each other and then come up with some sensible things together. But no, people just want to keep hammering on the wall with their conditioned ideas, do the same things as done in past, and then expect different results. We are just going to destroy each other the way we are going. Medium really needs to take some reponsibility in finding a basic balance back on this forum. I notice writers also are using these themes and topics just to get internet attention that is catering to a certain narrative even if not authentic and to just basically sell their stuff. sad days.

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