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Artist Omayra Amador

Always be the one with the red and delicious summer grape in your mouth. World can wait. Lay on your sand of turquoise sea beach. Take all the space of sensual movement. Let the juices of the grape flow through your pious throat. Satisfy the world finally with your lust for life. Show them what making celestial love looks like. And when the winters come, earth of the fleshly vineyard will rest knowing someone understood its soul.


Vaishali Paliwal

The opposites — sin and sacredness, divine and earthly are well apparent in the piece. One line directly rejecting the other. Such is life. Self contradictory. Temporary. Misunderstood. Only immortal entity here is the red grape. The only point of salvation. And the only possible road map to get there: a certain unwavering lust.

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