Protecting artistic individuality in the age of algorithms

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I wonder if Picasso’s art or Dylan’s poetry would have been influenced in any way if they were following hashtags and current trends . Would there have been any loss of individual statement and uniqueness in their work if their learning years were in algorithmic driven environments rather than the traditional schools made functional by live humans , and their first significant artistic impression being the top poem on a digital page rather than a live painting by their grandmother?

Waking up to news and social media feeds driven by ‘popular’ data , data that is favorite of majority of the population , brings to the table a common liked taste rather than a revolutionary new flavor most of the times . If this is our regular environment and resource , there is possibility of this shared taste, group biases and conditioning bleeding into artistic endeavors hence influencing the individualistic expression of the artist. One example is famous motivational coaches, claimed influencers , generation’s role models sounding exactly like each other , preaching the same things , in the same way , behaving the same way, with no new ideas or perspectives for the young minds and learners . Not because they are purposely imitating each other but because their pool of inspiration and learning is one same topography.

In addition, there is a lot of recycled and repetitive art out there built to cater to the algorithms killing the distinctive style that the artist could have offered hence creating clones in the visual and literary art world today — machines built by machines , an organism that has no artistic diversity to offer.

But there are creators out there beating this matrix . And the trick is an obvious one . Switch off your devices . No not that , well may be , but more importantly coming back to the basics of art and making careful choices.

When man first made art in caves , it was a natural process of getting into the creative flow , of diving into the human spark, which comes with focus and attention combined with a passionate push from within to express, one extremely meditative venture. Every artist knows this point . No matter what influences and biases you are moving with , this here is an uncorrupted zone of individuality, not dependent on social and digital currents or feared by elements of social belongingness , but a simple manifestation of your individual potential, your needs and likes and desires, your explicit emotions expressed by a single sentence or a simple sketch.

Years back I indulged in a debate with a friend who insisted that for great writing you need to lock yourself up in a room . I had questioned how can there be inspiration to write without flowers and lovers, without beauty of nature and flaws of people . He had said that is not how great art is made . I think I can understand that today in a different light, in these times of distorted teachings and experiences driven by lifeless data. It is time to heavily rely on your own artistic soul, her beliefs and methods for creative undertakings . And to be extremely selective , conscious and mindful with your sources of learning, how and which spaces of art you spend time in and overall associations. Protect your artistic individuality by making human / naturally perspective and intelligent choices.

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