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In times of conflicts, when struggling to find a healthy relationship with the outer world, we find a knot in our bodies and minds, one that is an outcome of feeling separated and isolated, not feeling understood, feeling betrayed, and many other not so great emotions that just do not feel good.

When one looks closely at this severe mental pain and suffering, it almost sounds and looks like as if we are fighting hard to hold back floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes — a desperate attempt to resist something, which could be very real or could also be a built up story of the mind. When dissecting further, this resistance to not accept things as they are or as they seem, is exactly the root cause of our pain.

Resistance to not accept things as they are, is madness. No matter how ugly things have turned out in our external environment, they have in actuality happened, and to keep pushing them and replaying them in our minds, is obviously not going to take us anywhere productive and healthy. So the only practical and sensible thing to do is to accept them.

Resistance to not accepting things as they seem, is fighting an illusion. Our mind is notoriously good in making up stories that might not have any real grounding, just a bunch of assumptions and guesses. To resist thoughts of what seems is the truth, is an useless endeavor.

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