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art is art, poetry is poetry with or without

the audience, and their favoritism or

discomfort. art is first charcoal strokes on

rock in a dark cave, moulded as one very

intimate moment of expression of a vision

of other worlds, or gory and sublime reality

of the current one, with no expectations on

who sees or does not see, appreciates or

not, acknowledges or not what manifested.

in current climate this seems like a distant

feat but really art was never anything less

and nothing more. poetry continues to live

in all unpublished notes and unsent letters,

even during all those times when she did

not make it to the paper, and simply

dawned in the silence between conscious

breaths and unconscious dreams. artist just

creates, whether the work is eventually

visible or not, whether there is a stage or

not. it is the simplest of the things.


Vaishali Paliwal

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