My News And Your News

Generation that redefined ‘News’ and ‘Facts’

“Internet can confirm anything you wanna believe.” — Aziz Ansari

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

My news is fake news, rumor and propaganda. Your news is real (complying to your beliefs). Vice versa. Milestone of a time to live in. We have successfully redefined what news and facts mean to the point that we do not anymore.

Take any topic of our worlds and you will find both takes/sides beautifully proven. What an exceptional art form we have invented. For eg I could share The Hindu’s news reporting that schools were open in Kashmir today but with no students attending or The Atlantic reporting “News from here doesn’t go out”. That’s concluded as propaganda news by many. I could share the ones (interestingly none showing in my feed #bubble?) that talk about the stability in the region and things under control. Many would conclude that reporting as biased.

So we have successfully reached a point where it is impossible to believe in media anymore. Where is factual, authentic and intelligent journalism that can reestablish our faith in it? Crickets.

In this sham of a situation, I have only come to believe in and my faith reinstated again and again in Science. Shout out to all the scientists out there who are vehemently working on testing hypothesis and gathering data and evidence that cannot be questioned to finally establish what’s a fact and what’s not. #factsaboveopinions #scienceislikemagicbutreal

I loved Aziz Ansari’s comeback show, which to me is next-level intelligent comedy, dark but needed. He uses juxtapositions and satire to be the mirror of our society today through his live and practical jokes. Many brilliant presentations, one of which was how he talks about subject topic, that he can watch any series of youtube videos or other media channels proving one side or the other so well as The Fact, using the humorous example of Illuminatis, how it made him wonder by the end of watching the videos if he himself was Illuminati?!


Vaishali Paliwal

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