Me and my sister spent some time in Sligo and felt a surreal connection to the place. We made so many friends in the town and everyone so proudly talks of their strong roots; can trace their five to six generations back very easily right there in Sligo . When we would talk about our millennial non sense of that we are global citizens they would teach us ‘no first learn and respect your local roots. Tell us about the Indian city you were born in’ . We had many interesting debates on this in the local bars and cafes and dream of going back all the time. That aside yes we felt connected to Sligo in a very special way and this article as it took you through your story of understanding your connection to a writer and finding your real name, kind of did the same for me, our continued search to understand connections where we would least expect. We are all connected in some strange ways anyway I believe . Thank you for this remarkable article.

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