Looks like you are not liking a certain category of writing, to be precise, ones written by women and that talk about overcoming adversities in life. This you have directly implied to be deterioration in Medium’s quality. You have also talked about how that is alienating male readers and writers.

I still see lot of diverse topics in Medium’s writing. Or may be I am seeing them through a woman’s eyes:). When I read an article I don’t see whether a man of technology or a GenX woman has written it, whether it’s been written to promote sisterhood and her tribe or it’s a march on technology uniting brotherhood. I read it and if it appeals to me and I learn something out of it that’s great. If not, I move on. I certainly haven’t learnt the art of categorizing words into men and women yet. There are some things others relate to more than we do, and it is important to accept this. Otherwise it’s painful I know — see next paragraph.

If some writers are using specific themes and cliches to sell their writing, it is nothing new. Check out Instagram poetry and our poetry bestsellers today. Also Medium old and new, any other platform, continue to use certain ‘tips’ to promote wiring. I am not a fan of this. But this is the game. I accepted it after many years of resentment. I do my own thing. Few people like it, most don’t, and that’s fine. All the power to successful writers managing to sell books and stories even if with a certain manipulation.

I enjoy your writing tremendously. But I am having trouble understanding this story, and I am feeling slightly heartbroken:). But thank you for your honesty and authenticity.

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