Let Them Come Out With Their Guns

We are here with our roses

Forgiveness and love don’t feel like the right responses for such unthinkable ongoing madness in our country. People with guns have been killing our children again and again and again.

I wrote below poem article for the message of love as the only solution but I lose that message myself again and again. I get angry and I feel hopeless and dejected — the exact responses they are hoping from us, they the tyrants.

It it is all way too insane and pathetic to comprehend. And yet when we lit those candles yesterday while the Rabbi said a prayer, I saw only love. Everything else vanished. The hatred,the confusion, the madness, everything vanished.

I saw love on the steps of the church, in the hands coming together to light and protect the candles, in our prayers. We need the fight going on vehemently and aggressively for gun law reforms. At the same time we need this thing called love, we need our candles, we need our prayers.

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From vigil and rally yesterday in Pittsburgh hosted by Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence, and partners. ‘Enough: Disarm/Dismantle Hate’. “Enough is Enough. We need a cultural change, we need gun law reform, and we need to dismantle hate now.”

It feels like not an appropriate and sane response to the violence and madness that has been pushed down our throats, and yet time and again it is the only one that has freed me; it is the one of love. It is a radical and insane idea I am urging us all to try.

Forgiveness sounds impossible and ridiculous at this time. A forever lost virtue from hereon. And love and peace fading somewhere in the distant horizon day by day. And yet these are the only things that will liberate us. These are the only things that will save us when it is all said and done.

We can try to change the narrative of hate by working endlessly on building the empire of love. We can try. If they are marching with their guns, let us gather with our roses and light a candle. Let us try.

Hard hard hard but needed to open some roads, to move at least one step forward. Debates have gone stale and politics is not working; it needs our united voices for change with our actions.

It is on us now, the ones on the steps here to love and connect with each other beyond our prejudices and hesitations, even in spaces we don’t want to know, especially those. Get uncomfortable says Summer.

Hard road ahead of us to bring this change. But it is on us here, the ones on these steps. Starts with us here, right from this very page.

For dismantling and disarming hate we need gun law reform and we need love as our guiding light in our every day lives.

Anger, hopelessness and utter dejection is given with what we have gone through as a community. Now let us channelise it for good of humanity. Let us not become the traumatised deers that they want us to be. Let us feel like and be humans.

Love is not a theoretical distant cheesy concept. I am love. You are love. It saves lives.

Let them come out with their guns

Their words of hate

Their protests against humanity

Their hands

with blood of future on them

With locks of the cages designed for our children

With coasts they own where they

Will not let our homeless children sleep

They will let them die

They will not spare our sacred homes

They will say everything to separate us

They will do everything to end us

And yet

We will arrive here

Again and again

And again

With only white roses in our hands

A candle’s light

We will say a prayer

For them


Vaishali Paliwal

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