Knitted Hearts

Love remains

I couldn’t find what organization, if specifically, was doing this but after the Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh last year, some people had made these knitted hearts and hung them on trees and placed them in public spaces across the city. Pgh HandMade Hearts was one of the organizations making these I think.

I saw the first one hung on the window of a diner and absolutely needed to know what it was. It was a beautiful blue with delicate threads inviting me immediately for something. I knew it had a story to tell me.

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I saw few more on the same day by a grocery store, hung on a tree. Barren tree without leaves was magically replaced by these colorful leaves of hearts. I knew then it was a connecting series, threads knitted together to narrate an important piece of past, a bridging poem to remind us of love.

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My sister later told me about the project.

But really what’s the most important thing I see here is that

love remained.

Our threads and hearts will always sing the song of love for you and our world today no matter how dark.

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Vaishali Paliwal

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