If we don’t have the Mother with her shade of racism in this discussion then this article wouldn’t be needed to be written in the first place. May be you are seeing it as disrespectful to the Mother, because you are not seeing it in the context and the core of this article.

There is no comfortable or respectful way of tackling this very complex and screwed up subject in hand. The very goal of the article is to point out at that ‘internal’ or ‘self’ racism that exists in many places, families. Without the Mother how could that point have been made?

Now may be there was an option to use a fictional made up character instead but can we just put that decision in the author’s hands please? It is her story. It is her truth. Let her say it the way she chooses. I don’t think our role is to preach her how she should have said her story. I think you and me should focus on the message this is bringing to our world, and the way I see it, it is a positive one. If we let this(racism by our very own) go and slide again!, we are not solving a very recurring and dense problem contributing to racism.

I get the compassionate place you are coming from for the Mother but lets see things in the context of the important message being delivered here. Thanks

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