I was raised Hindu. Being a Hindu is not a large part of my identity(may be something that is changing now and evolving to something I havent quite shaped yet), but it is one that holds value as one of my means to explore and attain my spiritual aspirations.

Lately its been depressing. Thanks to vile politics and ominous narratives, Hinduism is being distorted and used for something it is absolutely not. Somewhat in the lines of what this article talks about for Christianity. So I could immediately relate. It is heartbreaking we couldnt find healthy and intelligent ways to retain the beautiful teachings of these religions without them getting tainted by ill motives of a capitalist society. So we must come up with innovative ideas as this article suggests to keep the goodness, to keep the God.

Thank you for this superb piece. Not many investigate like you have- challenging everything , breaking conditioned ideas and then coming up with needed solutions.

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