I beg to differ with your viewpoint on this. I think you have missed the point and the much needed message behind this story. Author is sharing the very clear instances of racism in her life, with examples. It is heartbreaking that it is her own mother. Mother or anyone else, this author’s stand on this topic is very clear- that is to call out on racism wherever we see it, even when it is done by our very own.

It is here where our commitment to eradicate racism from our society really shows. This is that exact testing point so many of us fail at. We let it slide because it is our own friend or relative. But as the writer tries to point out: this carelessness and fear of discomfort to confront what’s blatantly wrong, is exactly what’s continuing to add on to a very dangerous narrative in our country today.

We should actually take this message and apply it in our day to day lives. It takes a lot of courage and commitment to social issues to write something like this and share it in public. How hard it must be for them to share this. By making statements like its been done ‘for claps’ you are first of all belittling the painful experiences of the person, and then you are charging them with some negative social behavior. Please lets try to look deeper before making such comments. We got to figure this out together. We cannot continue to suffer like this.

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