I am shamelessly repeating what you have already so classically covered. Apologies beforehand.

Humans like ideas. Then they stick to it. Until death. Their idea is mostly something very tangible. Very few humans can work with the instability and insecurity behind a formless idea.

Gandhi body back in the day seemed like a great idea. Blood man we can follow in a march who can get us the independence; independence which was also a body idea for most — if we had truly understood swantatra, we wouldn't be here locking our own people as the only way to solve our disasters. If the non tangible idea then we had adopted was the “art of Ahinsa” behind it, we wouldn’t be here on the verge of mindless wars everywhere. But we like blood idea, not invisible englightement. (We like to place our comfortable fingers on everything, not float with the uncertainities of a diverse ecosystem.)

for eg now we have a body idea of Hinduism. we like the saffron and the yoga and the identity it is giving us. but we have lost its formless OM. So we are brilliantly executing another mess.

Our body ideas are corrupted because they can never cover every single dimension and atom. There will always be one side we will miss which will be an opening to another weakness, betrayal or other usual human defects. But the other path which takes us through a blind road where anything and everything is possible , few can take it up. (Hence also diversity/something different is not always accepted. we dont have the courage for it. we are tied up with blood ideas)

Coming back to Gandhi body, if the allegations are true on misogny etc, it cannot be forgiven. If that for an individual means also giving up the art of ahimsa/ the values(for eg the college girls in the story) which should have never been tied up with the body to begin with, thats their own personal contemplation, choice and processing.

I am for the art of ahinsa and thats got not nothing to do with what gandhi was or was not. In that case is Gandhi irrelevant? I wouldnt say so because he gave a body to an idea we all so desperately needed then because thats the only way humans can work things out practically. He can still not be forgiven if the other allegations are true. Which brings us back to rising above body ideas of attachment to the vehicle rather than the light. It might help clearing up lot of mess of today. but we simply cannnot. it is not about being pessimistic. it is about the reality of humans. we were born to be doomed.

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