How Instagram Poets Are Saving The World

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Let me just skip a flowery introduction with messages of love sparing you of your series of following heartbreaks that you will use to create your next Instagram post, and let me jump directly to the magical world of Instagram poets who are doing great things for our planet. There is a lot to learn here and carry forward so please pay attention.

Instagram poet makes pretty things.

Because of the visually-driven format, unless you have a colorful flower or a shiny shell or some sort of beautiful image on your poem, it is not going to get you anywhere noticeable (you will be living forever in a dark corner just with your little poem, and then you will be forever disgruntled complaining to your bus driver how your poetry never gets noticed on Instagram). There are also certain types of images and art and illustrations which drive the algorithm to raise your ranking in the feed.

The big positive of this situation is that many lovely images and beautifully curated galleries find their home on Instagram. These are well collaborated and matched pieces of micro poetry or quotes with captures of nature, good looking objects, artwork etc.

While in the majority of the cases you will find it hard to appreciate what has been claimed as poetry, the effort on the aesthetic attractiveness of the post might be soothing to your eyes. I have enjoyed some of them. Check out wilderpoetry. The witch in me appreciates the black night, white moon and the stars, crystals and shells, fog and forest, raven and dried flowers, and the very beautiful accompanying handwriting. I will not be buying the book but once in a while when the image comes up, I appreciate the effort behind it to make the space pretty.

Instagram poet is a lover.

The top winning theme of this platform is love and its heartbreaks. 99%(made up number duh) of the posts you pick up on poetry are about a lost love and its post-tragedy recovery, and healing, and the empowerment and self-awareness generated from this whole cycle, only to repeat again.

But maybe all poetry is just that anyway; our many great loves letting us down, our many small loves lifting us up in the middle of our nowheres, our battered hearts from years of traumatic failures in love and such, our unstoppable desires to find eternal connections, our loneliness in absence of those connections, it is all just that whole song and dance. Even in my hatred for powerful misogynists of today, there is heartbreak, because I expected them to be better, I expected them to love like we are all supposed to.

And so anyway, Instagram poet continues to highlight love on their canvas. I wish it was done in a more, what's the word, profound?, maybe, way, but who cares, just that love is our top theme, that's a bloody great reason to celebrate. All the power to Instagram poet reminding us about love time and again and learning to deal with heartbreaks, to confront them and manage them, not sliding them under the carpets and become crazy people.

PS: I saw part II of below book in the library yesterday sitting next to Dylan Thomas and Seamus Heaney. Let's chew on this for many nights to come. Let's enjoy this volcano of a milestone in poetry’s timeline, that we were all a part of. Below book also has an app out apparently. That's how its done poets, that's how it's done. Don't hesitate to promote your work. Be out and about, be a savage of a marketer, and sell those poems.

Instagram poet is a hopeless romantic

and damn it, we need that, we need that, when the entire world seems to be on a totally self-destructive path led by haters in many influential regions of the world, and ugly stories of evil in humanity surfacing more than often, and planet’s health going down the drains, we need that romantic. We need that hopeless romantic for never giving up on love, even if it is for those extra followers, it is fine, it is more than fine. At least the breath of an unconditional love is alive through the works of the Instagram poet.

So let's learn to make beautiful things, be forever lovers and hopeless romantics, and sell the heck out of our poetry. I will keep you posted on when my poetry robot comes out (it reprograms my poetry based on best selling algorithms and vomits out poems that you will find relatable), and do let me know when yours comes out too. I wonder how they will be different. Oh wait, they will be not.


Vaishali Paliwal

In case you were wondering about what was that Rupi Kaur’s hat all about….

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