For My Brothers

On Rakshabandhan and always

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My brother is a soldier

He goes to blood war

And then comes back and

Tells me stories

Of not of guns

And his muscle strength

But of his heart and kindness

He left behind for Kashmir

My brother is an architect

He didn’t jump on

The first biggest corporate he was awarded

Instead he took off for the jungles

Of soul

He built my first retreat

He taught me exploration

When it wasn’t even cool

My brother is a Professor

He runs an University

Of Excellence

He teaches the world

Then he comes back home

To make his sisters scrambled eggs

He holds his wife like the moon light

My brother is a doctor

Who slayed corruption of

a big city

With the songs of his small town

With his resilience

He is often found

Destroying rusted narratives

My brother is a poet

He is the page that my words

fall on again and again

To find their bravery

their wild soul

To find their love

From a man

Who will burn the evil of the world

To the ground

To raise a sister

Who knows herself.


Vaishali Paliwal

My brothers in India and across the world who are flag bearers of the sacred masculine, I send you my respect and love today and always. You taught me love and dignity. You made me the woman I am today. Thank you for being you. For securing the sacred masculine for protecting the divine feminine always.

Rakshabandhan is a festival in India when sisters tie pious and holy threads on the wrists of their brothers to secure their bond of protection and love. More on Rakshabandhan here

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