Diversity For Real

Collection Of Poems and Essays: Part 2

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Dear ones,

Very first of all a huge thanks to Shringi Kumari for starting the prompt idea #diversityforreal and what really got this conversation going. This is the second part of the collection our wonderful writers have contributed to with their exceptional pieces. We are looking forward to hearing more pieces and perspectives on this subject. Please see the below launch of publication Broads Non Grata which would be a perfect place to put in work related to this topic.

Please remember to tag #diversityforreal when you share your related thoughts.

Warm regards

Special thanks to David S. for bringing this topic to our favorite publication Dead Poets Live with his wonderful piece below. Through personal stories and experiences, David leads us through the often missed details and also the complexity that has become of of diversity and how we can overcome with art and better personal understanding.

“I love when world views bump into each other, and rather than finding friction, we make fireworks — an explosion of beauty.” — David S

Dennett with another beautiful take on the subject. With clarity and authenticity she describes our present where we are too much of our things, caught up in our own little worlds, and how we can see things again in different light of embracing something new leading to better understanding on diversity and its beauty underneath.

“Look for who is not you” — Dennett

Remnants of Love by Shringi Kumari is a beautiful ode to how we live in the different colors of each other; our music, our love, our art is mingling and merging continually. This is a spectacular piece on diversity’s river that flows without conditions.

Butchering Kindness by Shringi Kumari is a letter to artists and audiences in all realms. It is a study on topics like acceptance, inclusion, belongingness and quest for diversity for real. As writers and readers it asking us to reflect upon again what these terms really mean.

One bird, Many Birds by Shringi Kumari pointing us to the uniqueness of every being and their ideas and how without accepting it, we will never truly get to understand and celebrate diversity.

Name of Water by Shringi Kumari is a mystical flow of the river of diversity. Let us see where all it takes us, and what all it touches.

“Ganga* and Ganga alone
knows how she starts in
the sky and floats in the
eyes of people as tears of
our coinciding humanity
Thames* and Thames alone
knows how much of himself
he left in Ganga and how much
of Ganga flows in London’s heart” — Shringi Kumari

Simon Heathcote reminding us with this gorgeous poetic piece on how wisdom and higher understanding can help us deal with the challenges humanity faces today. We have it in us to rise above all the divisiveness.

“Sitting on the riverbank
In the sun, where there is no ‘I’
I am One” — Simon Heathcote

The Beautitudes of Diversity by Sylvia Wohlfarth takes us through a magical meditation on diversity.

“Until our finale, we shall be pebbles of strength and reverence
Embedded in a terrestrial mosaic so rare,
Each of us a splendid stroke splashed onto a temporal mural,
A piece of the puzzle of this miracle called life” — Sylvia Wohlfarth

More on the prompt below if you missed it earlier..

Diversity For Real

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