Dear Medium Poets, I am looking for a blind date with a poem

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Poets, dear poets,

Times are dark for poetry. May be they always were. Today is a new dark.

Bestsellers are struggling to keep poetry. Top shelves are repetitive and cliched. Mostly.

Saviors are lonely and separated.

Experts are aloof.

Publishers have been tainted by past. Books need to be saved. Publishers want money. Hence. Rockstar poets on fashion magazines. Nothing wrong with that. But apologies. where is poetry?

Readers are wondering where to find what.

Readers want. We have. But algorithms are Gods and visibility is not for every artist. Now what?

Do we let poetry struggle?

Or do we go higher? Higher.

Take me then. On a blind date. With your poem. I will take you on mine.

Will it share a glass of human spark’s intoxication with me?

Will it look into my eyes like we are the only ones left for each other as the last artist and the audience, last writer and his last reader, may be even last sculptor with her last stone?

Will it forever stay mysterious to me? In a way that I spend rest of my life delayering and chasing, decoloring and coloring it? So near. Yet so far. A magnificent beauty. Seen but unreachable?

Will it try to love me in my rags and in a small capture from eternity take me to the uncorrupted dream land of poetry you live in?

Will it give me a hope to find love again?

It can be awkward. It can be loud. It can be shy. It can be oppressive. It can be submissive. It can be conservative. It can be liberal. It can be sexual. It can be a man. It can be a boy. It can be a woman. It can be a no nothing. But only poetry. Only poetry.

Try to love me then. Take me on a blind date with your poem .



I hesitate these days to tag writers but I am sorry I need you now. I need you for poetry. This is not a prompt. This is a…Well, a blind date with poetry.

Interest/click/swipe for a blind date is for each and every poet. I just didn’t want to tag everyone to minimize their traffic. Cheers

Gentle Zacharias Shringi Kumari Simon Heathcote Farida Haque Michael Stang David S. Yamini MacLean kurt gasbarra Jack Preston King wimpy af novalis E. Scott Alighieri J.D. Harms Bridget Webber Brian Fehler Giovanni Sonier LB Pablo Pereyra Doug Vidlas Thomas Plummer Will Schmit Troy Camplin G.R. MELVIN Matthew Smith Hawkeye Pete Egan B. Rolli Stephen M. Tomic

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