Criteria of selection for apartment packing

When heading for an unmapped getaway

Image by Arthur Edelman on Unsplash

I have allowed myself seven boxes to store my complete apartment in as I get ready for a getaway. I don’t have a name for this getaway yet. It will evolve itself. I have semi zero plans for it. I will try to share more about it as it manifests. Here I share some lessons learned, some tips and few sticky points from this ‘packing your once home’ process.

  • What’s in and what’s out: All furniture is getting dropped. Things that are being stored are my books, art, music stuff, clothes!, sleeping bags and comforters, things from my altar- the crystals the sage the Dead Sea salt, Persian carpets, Mandala sheets and hopefully not more than two boxes of nostalgia. Probably I could minimal ise further but this is how far I have come with the splendid filtering business as of now.

Some rare times when chilling in my living room in a set up I have so beautifully created over time and one that reflects my style so closely, one sticky thought comes to mind: do I really need to disturb this right now, wrap this all up, all this comfort and beauty?

I do.

And so decor decor decor, my decor is in a storage box now.

  • Take aways from the process :
Image by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

1. When creating a home next time, I will be mindful of every single little piece that will go in the space because filtering business at a later stage is so painful emotionally and physically. My strategy will be to raise my nomadic readiness. Set up should be such that one can uplift and move over a very short span with least emotional attachment and overall effort. Light, minimal, and my beautiful.

2. Some things one shouldn’t struggle and fight with to keep or not to keep during this filtering process, no matter how old, no matter how how useless, if they still bring you unadulterated joy. If there is your bliss, damn it, keep it. This is your own intuitive judgement and based on balance of how close you are to your heart and your logical commitment to tidy up your spaces.

3. Coincidentally I randomly saw an episode of ‘Tidying up’ on Netflix while packing my things and was amazed by how calm and sweet the teacher was amidst the craze and mess of homes. I pondered over the beauty of messy humans, our nostalgia, our attachments, things we keep, things we give up, and our courage with curiosity and departures. And then I teared up.

Vaishali Paliwal 01/06/2019