Can totally relate:). For close to 15 years, I let this go. I would be totally cool with people just shortening my name, deforming it or making it a letter. When my colleagues would struggle, I would say just call me anything. Its fine. I took it very lightly just because I didnt want to go through that whole educational conversation. Probably I was lazy to teach but mostly I just wanted everyone to not take a lot of stress over this, this that I thought in my mind I had concluded as trivial.

However I think things changed recently when I spent a few months in India again and loved the completion of the sounds and the wholesomeness of the name reaching my ears the way that my parents and grandparents gifted me at my birth. There is a whole ceremony or two in India during a baby’s naming. There is a long method of astrology, family history and mainly love of your ancestors that goes behind this selection. I want to hear that again and again. And for that I make sure now I take that extra minute or two to educate my other friends of the world how it is said. I break it down to make the pronunciations more friendly for them. But I make sure there is an effort. I owe it to myself and my ancestors. There is a story here. There is a lineage I carry with pride and beauty.

Thank you for the wonderful poem and the reminder and the message Maymuuna. Editor of