Blind date with a poem

For the invisible artist

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Invisible artist. © Vaishali Paliwal

“We get so damn lost out here, don’t we, dear
Adrift between stars on wings so vast
whole worlds ice over in the shadows we cast —
lethal only because we won’t come near.

Come out to where the stars are far apart,
where you can stretch out all your hands and wings.
Forget about those planetary things –
out here we only care about your heart.

Something like a whale made of solar flares —
Something like a song with a meal inside —
Something like a dream you can take away –
– so at home in fathoms, she sings without air.
– a song so liquid you can imbibe.
– a fatal, mortal hope that we can stay.” — Gentle Zacharias

“And so I swear it: I will love this stone.
Each time I am hindered, I will rejoice,
call it an opportunity for choice,
a chance to show that I want what I own.

I swear that I will never have my fill.
I swear that I will never see the top.
Neither loss nor victory will make me stop.
I swear that I will die upon this hill.

I won’t chase your mechanical rabbit.
I won’t let you leave the losers behind.
If you get the trophy you can have it —
I’ve still got all these Easter eggs to find.
I’ll make rolling down this hill a habit.
Got more stones? Like Giles Corey, I don’t mind.” — Gentle Zacharias

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