Absolutely adored this article. I think it takes the readers in a very authentic way through the real challenges of “should” of the society’s subtle and loud pressures and accepted versions of representation vs the complexity of what drives our prferences eventually. I can really see how you have contemplated closely, navigated through your feelings and come up with that spectacular concluding paragaraph. The ambiguity! yes.

I love wearing sarees and kurtas whenever i am feeling like it; never really for representation of my culture goals. For my book launch in Toronto I combined a long white khadi kurta with torn jeans and a leather jacket. It was absolutely all of me on that day reading poems about stories of my grandparents’ struggles during India’s freedom struggle and thereafter the partition of the country as well as my personal evolution through this resilience . I had no agenda. All of what I wore and what i said and narrated was the natural me with many emotionally heavy and complicated things driving me that evening. What i chose to wear that day was me with the blessings of my ancestors and my culture but also with things that are very unique to me.

Thank you for the very real and beautiful piece. All the best with the book launch. keep us posted of your adventures :) regards

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