Vaishali Paliwal

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All the new birds sent by mother sun welcome my shadow and my skin.

Mother sun who rules the lion, wears flowers of gold, carries the life force, Shakti herself, has the power to manifest all my dreams.

Here in her embrace I breathe her light, hold her form that is a circle without a circumference.

Without the shape of her circle, without the dot of her illumination, I step into this vast sea of rush of bright light, just life, the source and her children.

In the joy of swimming in her golden sea along with every other being and object illuminated by her, I find my dream manifested.

I am happy and alive connected with all the threads of this life and the other worlds.

The mystery of existence and this breath beautifully unraveled in the bright light of my Mother Sun.


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I picked the lock and let it drown in the river.
No. I let the key get carried away in the wave half-blind.

Rather I lost both the lock and the key to my bags of paper
As he stumbled to keep filling our sea with his saliva.

I kept floating with my eyes on the blood orange sun
He kept swimming in the froth water, swimming for salt.

There is a world far away, not of the sand, not of the poem.
Neither yours nor mine. There is a median without a tongue.

I remember the violent sounds of our neighborhood nightjar
Night after night after night. I know now what he cried for.

V Paliwal