Water Bearer’s Song, Poems by V Paliwal. Cover art by Rashmi Paliwal. Published by Finishing Line Press.

My new poetry book

For Shringi

Two Views of an Indian from Calcutta, Seated and Standing, Eugene Delacroix, Date: 1823–1824

Intoxicated silhouette sits across the nun. The nun whose night lamp lights up the city of foreign goons.

The silhouette keeps obsessing over the curtains, the summer roses, the rosary, the sun of the body of spirit taking her afternoon stroll.

There is one poem after another written by the discarded poet describing the web of the silhouette and the knee of the nun.

Stage tonight is of the silhouette licking the neck of the nun. They are screaming back at each other. Nun with her educated eye. Silhouette with her wide mouth of desire.

Who wins you ask …

Varanasi III, M.F.Hussain, 1973

Yes I agree. Art is to find better answers, simplifying things for self or the world. Most of the movements were started to challenge (perceived) previous disorder and injustice, and started as a revolt against the previous rigidity and possible non sense. But I do agree this is not always the case, and timeline and patterns might not always be as conveniently analyzed as I did in the article (I was just playing with some possible trends and commonalities). …

Study of the purpose of art and impact on art timeline

Complex Simple, Wassily Kandinsky, 1939

Problem of Complexity

Evolution increases order, which may or may not increase complexity (but usually does). — The Singularity Is Near, Ray Kurzweil

I wondered what does this means for the evolution of art. (By art here, I mean all creative endeavors including writing, films, sculptures, and such.)

We seem to be heading towards simplicity, towards accessibility, and relatability. Evident by most of our best-sellers. And most avant-garde and complex works remain unpopular.

Does this mean we are far away from a paradigm shift in the evolution of art? Far away from the next big art movement? …

If you are here to find innovative ways to identify birds, grand tips and strategies on bird watching and bird photography, this is not it. It is actually the very opposite. I am sort of trying to reverse engineer here.

I have seen my friends Alan Asnen and Dennett take mind-blowing pictures of birds and describing beautifully the species, their activities and behavior, accompanying seasons, etc.

I, on the other, have been obsessed with bird watching and bird naming for a long time now with no success. …

Untitled, Nasreen Mohamedi, 1970

As part of my research for the Kohl Rivers project, I have been investigating what the Indian artist, Nasreen Mohamedi, was reading.

I have always remained fascinated by the literature that my favorite writers and artists were indulging in. But in this case, more specifically, I was trying to find the thread of language less and meditative hermit-like work that Nasreen was producing.

I was thinking that if I find some of the writers and artists she was influenced by, I could find this connecting point on how each of these artists approached sublime work of abstract, without states of…

Image by Author

Our past has violation and injustice and present not devoid of cruelty either. But we remember. We stand by truth. As the orange blooms of an afternoon of spring sang in all their glory, and a banner of Black Lives Matter made the background, I thought to myself these are the small grounds which inhabit the long journey to healing. We start here.

The Sufi Book Of Life By Neil Douglas- Klotz


When you are guided to this pathway of the heart,
take a moment to reflect the
quality in you that unites all qualities,
that joins the yes and no of your being.
— The Sufi Book Of Life, 99 Pathways of the heart for the modern Dervish

In just 3 pages for each pathway, the author manages to pack so much of wisdom and insight, that reader could spend days on contemplating on just one line. One can actually spend their entire life on studying just this one word.

This one word is not counted as one of the…

Image by Author

Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its Being.
We all remain


Skies impregnated with light of sun about to reemerge but not quite there yet. In this first loop, my eyes are fixated on the special pink patches whispering to me the folktale of the daughter of light, the twilight beauty. I should count the number of times in my years so far I have missed welcoming her. …

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