Water Bearer’s Song, Poems by V Paliwal. Cover art by Rashmi Paliwal. Published by Finishing Line Press.

My new poetry book

We are losing so much, so fast, to the dust. We no longer know what will we remember from what is slipping by, how it all just flashed by right in front of our sleepless eyes frantically looking for a bed, for plasma, for oxygen. Our attempts to save bodies of our beloveds swept away now in this river without sound.

Will we remember in numbers, in images, in letters or in eyes withered? What will be these memories? These echoes: there is a 50 50 chance. …

Today let us reflect on loyalties.

You are loyal to your religion. To your country. To your people. To your political parties.

Rightly so. It is not just a psychological need but a biological one. You feel safe in a group that looks and sounds like you. This is your evolutionary gene at work. You will survive better in groups. You want your group to be the fittest to survive as an individual.


This world, dear friends, works now on INTERDEPENDENCE and INTERCONNECTIVITY. We are the most connected in physical and virtual space we have ever been.

Fire, poverty…

Beautiful bird of denial best suited for the ones in power and for the ones of privelege. . It is time to rise above respective political and other ideologies and affiliations and look for solutions in comprehensiveness and connecting dots across the globe using physical and mental roots and histories as empowering resources , not cages . This toxic culture of segregation based on religion , nationalities , gender, sexuality , language etc and dangerous identity politics behind it is absolutely opposite of where we should be right now. . Solutions for crisis of humanity are going to lie in…

Published by Finishing Line Press

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Water Bearer’s Song sings of days of quarantine, of threads of loneliness, isolation and nostalgia knitting the existence of human lives in all the ages and times, whether a pandemic or not. The song might appear to be of notes of grief, but in the meditative depths of the water of empty spaces, it transcends loss and emerges to be the echoing sound of human resilience and its beauty.


What should be our takeaway?

“Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” a collage, by the digital artist Beeple. CHRISTIE’S IMAGES VIA REUTERS

Digital collage ‘ Everyday: First 5000 days’ by artist Beeple sold for $69 million. Third most valuable piece ever sold by a living artist. First digital work of art ever auctioned at this level.

Just today a pixel was sold by artist Pak for $17 million. Buyer of Beeple is a digital asset investor behind a crypto-based fund that acquires NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). They expect the value of this work to go as high as a billion dollars. NFT, the token, attached to this image is a certificate of authenticity via Blockchain technology ( basically keeping a record of who…

Can we look into more comprehensive problem-solving?

Matter of Identity I ,Bernard Cohen, 1963

An online poetry panel I attended had a distinguished poet wanting to explore transcendental lyric in poetry over her usual methods of writing from the immediate, and cause and agenda-based sources. Her poems have been about social issues of the present and she wanted to explore the question of integrating the beyond as we continue to cover the trauma and joy of the present.

Her intended investigation was immediately followed by panelists and audience who wanted to study the: Shape of her poems Title of her poems How she blends reality into her…

For Shringi

Two Views of an Indian from Calcutta, Seated and Standing, Eugene Delacroix, Date: 1823–1824

Intoxicated silhouette sits across the nun. The nun whose night lamp lights up the city of foreign goons.

The silhouette keeps obsessing over the curtains, the summer roses, the rosary, the sun of the body of spirit taking her afternoon stroll.

There is one poem after another written by the discarded poet describing the web of the silhouette and the knee of the nun.

Stage tonight is of the silhouette licking the neck of the nun. They are screaming back at each other. Nun with her educated eye. Silhouette with her wide mouth of desire.

Who wins you ask …

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